Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bust Magazine Interview


Emma Orlow, Bust Magazine blogger, contacted me for an interview and I was ecstatic to see very tailored questions. We talk about food, feminism, tattoos, and my childhood. And why the hell i chose my specific pseudonym.

It's been very fun! Go have a look.


  1. Such a fantastic interview! <3

  2. Girl, you're on a roll! Glad to see you getting more exposure. And I like what Emma said about you putting a new spin on pin-up art. I somehow never made the connection. Will we ever see an actual calendar of your calendar girls? That would be cool!

    1. Haha, woooo! Yeah, i'm a huge fan of pin-up girls but i don't like the compromising poses they're put in.

      I'm not sure i'll do a traditional calendar, but I might have something else up my sleeve. Psst, i also got your e-mail and i'll get back to you soon!