Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fight Back!

A shot of her in progress

Fight back
"Fight back", watercolor and graphite. 5x7 inches, 2012.

Usually I don't talk directly about what each piece of art is about. I much prefer to leave it up to the imagination of you guys. I have my intentions, but it's really fun to hear people relate to my work in their own way.

I felt a strong pull to create this yesterday. It's my reaction to everyone who tries to control others, overpower them, and take advantage. For the people who try to squash other people's dreams and belittle them.

Please go after your dreams and be yourself no matter what. There will always be someone judging you no matter what you do. But you can enjoy your life and try not let that get to you! ♡

Sometimes it's necessary to acknowledge being passive, take action, and fight back!