Thursday, January 19, 2012

Miss Fortune

I was completely over the moon when i received an invitation from Giant Robot to participate in their "Year of the Dragon" show late this month! I feel very close to this theme because i'm of partial Chinese heritage!

Here's a sneak peek, just for you!

Miss Fortune sneak peek

I'm extremely pleased with the results. It's my largest watercolor to date! It's a whopping 12x16 inches. Usually when working on larger pieces, I oil paint. More experimentation needs to happen!

"Miss Fortune" is an homage to Chinese tradition as well as current asian street fashion. All of this is injected with the charm and personality of the dragon. Passionate & daring! It also happens to be my Chinese zodiac sign!

More details on her later, after the show opening later this month! Also if you haven't been to Giant Robot to see the current show, Printed Matter, go check it out! (Or at least snag one of my prints online, hint, hint!)

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