Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Giant Robot - Printed Matter

Hey Guys if you're near LA you'd better be at this show!


I've got three prints being sold at Giant Robot's show: Printed Matter. It's super exciting because it's my first show with them and this show is to kick off their new space. They expanded the gallery area! Which means more shows, more art!

There's a lot of cool artists in this show (that I get to show alongside of!) Some cool peeps being: APAK, Ines Estrada, Michael Hsiung, David Choe, and Deth P. Sun!

So go and be amazed! Let your eyeballs be full of sparkles and rainbows.

Did I mention i've got THREE NEW PRINTS premiering there? It's cash and carry, so you can have it as soon as you pay. Super affordable on my end too!

The show ends on Jan 25th, but i bet all the prints disappear pretty quickly. If there are any left, i think they'll be putting a few online. 

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