Saturday, December 31, 2011

On being "dreamy"

I'm an adult and I still draw. Often enough i get called dreamy, unrealistic, and naive. If being strong willed enough to pursue my dreams and write my own story is all those things, i'll take it.

Most of us draw and paint when we're kids. We're told we can be anything we want to. But as we get older we're told to be realistic and aim for something stable. I still believe I can be whatever I want, i believe you can too!

I'd rather live a wild rollercoaster of a life than to wake up when i'm 30 or 40 and wonder what I did with my life/ youth. Wonder if working for a stable paycheck was worth selling my life for. Ditch the mid life crisis and fight for the life i crave.

I won't lie. 2011 was probably the toughest year of my life. But I regret nothing. Sometimes not knowing how I would eat or pay bills. But in the end I pushed my limits and things are looking up. I have faith that i'll be able to support myself fully from my art at sometime next year.

I'd like to thank all my friends, fans, fellow artists (who i love more than you know), and anyone else i'm forgetting that most likely helped me in some way. I'm going to spend this last day drawing and being in the company of good people. Hope you have a good new year.

Work hard, believe in yourself, and stay humble.



  1. ditto! you're great Sashiko, and i'm really glad that we've been able to come into contact because of the internet. I'm so, so proud of all the amazing work you've been doing lately, and look forward to all the gorgeous girlies that'll be springing up in 2012.


  2. Thank you Caitlin! That's probably the nicest thing i've heard all year. And last year. I'm really glad we stumbled across each other too. Love your ladies! <3 Hope to have a new drawing or two up soon.

  3. I have that issue of being called unrealistic right now with my parents when I talk about moving out etc. It doesn't hurt to dream about things even if they may struggle to flourish in real life... So here's to 2012

  4. I can relate 100% to this post, because I'm basically called the same thing with my writing - writing is not a 'realistic' profession by most people's standards. 2011 was tough for me too, but I'm like you - I'm in it for the fight, I won't give up on the dream.

  5. Yes! Keep on fighting! None of the careers/ lives i thought about pursuing are "realistic". Well, I don't want their world, to be part of "normal" society. I'm proud of my atypical life, if it's doing what I love. Being proud of yourself is what matters most. No regrets!