Friday, December 2, 2011

Flooding from the inside

Welling up
Welling up, watercolor and graphite on paper. 5x7 inches. 2011.

This drawing says more than I ever could. This isn't going to turn into a whining blog. I promise. Which brings me to this question: What has been inspiring you lately?

It could be music, art, books, a river you took a walk by.

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There are also a couple new 5x7 prints i told nobody about. So go get em'!

I appreciate you all!


  1. your portraits are always a huge inspiration for me. i love how each character you draw has a distinct look and feeling to it, and it makes me want to know more about their background/who they are! i'm always really drawn towards them! lovelylovelylovely.
    lately i've mostly been inspired by concept art for games and religious paintings (mostly of Mary). i want to learn more about myths and folklore too!

    how about you? do you have an inspiration/reference folder on your computer? if so, i'm really curious to know what's in it!

  2. i originally got into illustration thinking i'd do character design. i've always had a strong interest in people's personalities and fashion. even though i got lured towards the "art" side of things, i still design people. imagined people i can pour emotions into. :3 i still need to make a zine/ comic/ book.

    i love religious paintings. like tintoretto's last supper, or parmigianino's madonna with a long neck. ah, and carravaggio! i could go on. <3 i love grimm's tales and japanese folktales.

    i do have an inspiration folder, it's my "clutter" folder. at least half of it has come from tumblr, the other half from art/ design/ interior design/ fashion blogs, etc. i'd post some, but i can never remember who did what. hmm, i should post some anyway.

  3. Aside from the typical that aspire me (Food, Music, Books)I think my biggest influence right now are artists like chiho aoshima.

  4. If you haven't heard of her, I recommend checking out Junko Mizuno.

  5. I'll have to and I think you would appreciate Aoshima.

  6. I did go look at the work earlier. I thought it looked okay, but stylistically it just isn't my thing.