Sunday, December 12, 2010

Booksmeller Sunday, Logan's Run

The best place to get books from is the library. The books are sturdy and old. They've lived past lives. If they could speak they'd have stories to tell. And borrowing books is free.

I haven't read a whole lot in the past. I take a long while to read a single book. I read a chapter or two at a time. I like to read in short snippets to let the information sink in. I carefully imagine the imagery. I pretend I'm there. I see how stunning Logan's muscular body was or how Jessica's hair must have been glistening. I would say I imagined her doe eyes (but that's just a past image of the movie version of Jessica in my head).


This particular copy was the only copy in the whole county. Which is funny because my friend and I did a sci-fi movie marathon a couple months ago. Which is when I took out the book. (And i've had it ever since).

I started talking to her about the book. My friend says she wanted to read it, but the book was checked out. It's the only copy. And the the person has had it forever. I must have made a face. And then I told her that person was me. And we had a good laugh.

Anyways, I love this copy. It was printed in the late 70s, and may be an original printing. There is something great about the design and typography that is wonderfully dated. The pages are yellowed and there are a few mysterious stains on the interior pages. I sure hope that's chocolate or coffee.


The story in the book is compelling and easy to follow. It makes me sympathize with their society. If haven't seen the movie, just read the book. If you've seen the movie, you especially have to read the book. It's better. It makes more sense, and gets you to bond with the characters. Their sense of desperation comes across better. And they have some crazy adventures.

If you don't know the story, it's about a society where people who turn 21 are put to sleep. The people don't know who their birth mothers or fathers are. It's a society of youth and instant gratification. A society of pleasure. Notice a theme in what I've been reading lately? In the novel the lead character, Logan, is in charge of putting the runners to sleep. What makes the novel so interesting, is that Logan himself is about to turn 21.

The book smells like time (not to be confused with thyme). There are a lot of layers of scents from history. There is a typical scent of aged paper with something else. It's creating a scent both dusty and sour. There are notes of tobacco and roses as well.

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